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Missing Artwork (3/13/2023)

I made a macOS application called Missing Artwork. I've worked on it on and off for nearly 3 years. It was fun to learn so many new things along the way about new Apple technologies. You can see all my process for the application and its library on github.

At both of my jobs after working at Apple, it was not possible to play with all the new stuff. They had large legacy codebases that made it hard to move forward technologically. While at Apple, you were only ever working on the latest and greatest release, so you could always use the new stuff. In fact you were encouraged to, if not even required to. It's good to be back.  #

Throw Backs (3/9/2023)

I just downloaded Spacemen 3 and De La Soul. It's going to be a rocking few days!  #

Snow Days (2/24/2023)

It snowed about 9 inches at our home the other day. It's the most snow we've seen while living here. Oscar got two snow days off of school. The first day we played outside and took the sleds to Irving Park, not too far from home. We found lots of kids from his school there and had a really fun time.

We'll have to see how long this snow sticks around. It's also a cold snap here. Usually if it dips below freezing, it doesn't stay there very long. However this time seems different.  #


Archers recently put out a great new album and went out on tour. I went with my friend Jon, who I'd gone to Unwound with earlier in the week. This was another show full of mostly dudes my age. The band rocked, no question. They played all the hits. The opener was a young band who were clearly influenced by the types of music I grew up with. I'd listen to them again.

Search. Finally. (2/10/2023)

I have finally added search to this web site. I had removed the "generated" links to bands, albums, and venues from the generator program this week. There were mostly just links to "Can" and "Home" and other generic words. This got me to thinking about search for the site. In the end I swear it didn't even take me an hour to implement. So it goes.  #


Unwound got back together for the first time in over 20 years. Their bass player had passed away in the interim. Today they filled out the band with a second guitarist. It sounded awesome. They played two separate sets. It was so much fun to hear this band loud again. I really liked each performer. I loved the drums. I really liked the way the guitars both felt like they were warming up and swarming. There were many songs I did not know right away. I don't know if I don't have them or if they were re-arranged. Regardless it was awesome. They dedicated the last few songs of the second set to their former bass player Vern. Their drummer lives here in Portland, and she said her kid was at the show. I went with my old friend Jon from San Francisco again. We had fun.

Milestones (1/13/2023)

Hitting a big milestone in my life this week. I've been working on my own. I've been taking care of the family, our home, and doing a little poking around with newer Apple technologies. It's been fun. I'll see where I take this over the next year.

I've also been feeling older lately. I've learned that other parents at Oscar's school are near my age, but I still think I could be the oldest. My body is also showing its age. I hope to do more for that soon.

I've been listening to a podcast all about SST Records called You Don't Know Mojack. The two Canadian hosts are going through each release, one-by-one. It's fun to listen to, even though many of the releases I'm barely familar with.  #

Oregon Ballot Initiatives (12/3/2022)

We drove by this storefront a few weeks ago; it must have been before it opened. It sure was curious, but I didn't realize it was going to be a retail store for psychedelics. I can remember being asked to sign the ballot petition what seemed like 100s of times prior to this vote.  #


The venue was a terrific not too big place to see a show. Mike and I were in the middle, and we could see just fine. It was an all acoustic show by both. The guitars were miked up to the PA. It was like an epic open-mic. Emmett Kelly did not play any songs I recognized, but I enjoyed the songs. Mike recognized one I hadn't. By the end of his set, the crowd was louder and it was harder to hear him. Ty Segall came out and his energy is something else. It was like there were rays of talent flowing out of him and into the crowd. It was really something else to see what one person with one guitar can do. He played many songs off the latest album. He also played some older ones like Sleeper and Manipulator, and perhaps a few more. I think I'd recognized all of them. A bonus was that I bought a tour t-shirt that had the actual show dates on the back. I don't think I've seen those for years, even pre-COVID. Sure seems like a gamble to do that during COVID. Excellent show; go see him when he comes to your town.


Mike and I arrived and there was a line of cars to get in. It took a little bit of time, but it wasn't too bad. We walked about a half mile to get to the entrance. The opener had just ended. We got to chat more while waiting with hundreds of people to get a beer. This is a big place, and the slope is just right. We were not too close at all but could see just fine. I was reminded of the time I saw The Who back in 1989 on their 25th anniversary tour. That was at Alpine Valley, and I can't remember if there were any video screens back then. Pavement played many of the hits. It sounded terrific. With all the time off from shows I've had, I've really been enjoying the experience of feeling live music again. Pavement's guitar sounds made me happy. Even though I guess I know more lyrics than I assumed, I still like the rhythm of his singing. It's unique. He changed up the lyrics to "Range Life" at the part that talks about the police to add "All Cops Are Bastards," which got a cheer from the crowd. I don't know if it was in shock or in support, but it was memorable. It made me wonder if that resonates anywhere else than Portland. All around it was a great show and a fun large venue.


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