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I just moved into my new San Francisco apartment. Here's some pictures of the views.

Things the pictures really do show, but are hard to pick out: the San Francisco Capital dome. San Francisco Bay. Freight ships in the bay. The hills beyond Oakland, across the bay. The Bay Bridge. The tip of the TransAmerica building.

This digital camera isn't the best for the level of detail I'd like.

These are all taken out of my living room & bedroom windows.

Except for the last 2 new ones. The first is a black and white photo taken off the roof of my building by Robyn Eden. The other is a color one taken by Dennis Waldvogel.

San Francisco View

View 01
View 02
View 03
View 04
View 05
View 06
View 07
View 08
View 09
View 10
View 11

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