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"Highly Suspect" by Superchunk. Play Count: 6


This was the 17th time I've seen Superchunk. It had been a long time since I've seen show, regardless of COVID. I wore my mask. I went with my old coworker Ricky. The venue is a cool old high school auditorium. It was great to be back at a show. It felt really good to literally feel the music again. Superchunk played lots of the greatest hits. It was so much fun. I was grateful I got to see them. Just a few days after this show, they had to cancel the rest of their tour due to COVID cases in the group. I sure hope live music recovers; I love it so much.

Always Learning (3/27/2022)

I went through the entire SwiftUI tutorial by Apple. I was very impressed with it. I plan to make my Missing Artwork application use SwiftUI as my learning project.

I've also updated the program that creates this site to use JDK 18. It appears that java finalizers are finally going to be deprecated. I'd no idea that there was a new language feature added back in JDK 8 to remove the requirement to use the finally keyword to close the files.

We went to Bend, Oregon for a few days this week. What a beautiful place. #

The World Turns (1/17/2022)

I hope to be doing a little more development of my own in 2022. Stay tuned! #

Modern Hardware (10/30/2021)

This site is now generated by Java running on macos M1 Pro ARM. You're welcome. #

Hikes (10/19/2021)

Oscar has been into going on hikes in the Gorge lately. The last one we did is Beacon Rock. We went up in one hour, and down in 40 minutes. #

5 and A Half (9/13/2021)

Oscar got some new shoes, and could not wait to show me how fast he was with them. Oscar told me he has code names for himself. They are secret. Oscar made up a serialized chapter book series today, and made drawings for the covers. Oscar can climb higher than ever before at the playground. #

Summertime (8/27/2021)

With a fine Spring and Summer, I guess I haven't had much time to update things. #

Find Missing Apple Music Artwork (2/7/2021)

Ever since Catalina, my Music has been missing over 160 artwork images. If you search the internet, it's reported often. Here's a one liner swift to print them all (but you have to sign the binary because... iTunes).

Set(try! ITLibrary(apiVersion: "1.0").allMediaItems.compactMap { ((!$0.hasArtworkAvailable || $0.artwork == nil) && $0.mediaKind != .kindBook && $0.mediaKind != .kindVoiceMemo) ? $0.album.isCompilation ? $0.album.title! : "\($0.artist?.name ?? $0.album.albumArtist!): \($0.album.title ?? $0.title)" : nil }).sorted().forEach { print("\($0)") }

Now I'll get that to bulid a URL using Apple's MusicKit API, and I'll have solved the problem using their own API. Not sure why they can't fix this themselves. #

Pandemic Parenting (1/31/2021)

Just in the last week, our nearly 5 year old has finally agreed to start wearing a mask. Thank goodness.

He's also gone on our bike to a park 3 days in a row in a drizzle to run, jump, climb, slide, see-saw, and swing. It's been fun. #

A New Year, a New Operating System (1/4/2021)

I updated this to macos Big Sur. The program still works! That's due to all the changes I made this year. One funny thing is that the java JDK 15 os.version property for Big Sur is the misnomer 10.16. It should be 11.1. Apparently the system will return 10.16 for code linked before Big Sur. This will keep old client code able to "check" for monotonically increasing version numbers. Basically my experience tells me to never check the OS version to see if something will work, so Apple provided the best workaround for those folks as possible. Pretty clever. #


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