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A Video 28 Years In The Making (3/19/2020)

I uploaded the source code to the carnival program I've mentioned here before. I also did a screen recording of it. The program uses "deprecated" code on macos. This means Apple does not plan to support it for long (but likely measured in a few years). Perhaps someday I will update it to handle modern GPUs, but today is not that day. I made a video of what the carnival program does. #

It Built! (3/11/2020)

So I set up github to build the program on each push. I use an ancient build system called ant, and surprisingly github supports it. You can find the first build that was just triggered by me and not actually hand built by me here#

Source Now Available (3/9/2020)

I'd like to update this project in public. So I looked over the source, and while it is un-linted and old fashioned, it's not really embarassing. Check it out on my github. I'll be re-discovering past technical decisions, trying to document them, fixing bugs, and generally tidying up the place. #

Dusting This Off (3/8/2020)

Here I am again, updating the site in the first time in about 4 years. Two years longer without an update than last time.

Last year I saw no shows! That's the first time in a long time that had happened.

I've changed states, jobs, and socks since the last update. I still ride the same bike.

I'm going to try to update this site more often. I want to get the code up to date for new versions of so much software. Catalina does things differently for LaunchAgents. I do this to have the ability to show the last song I've played in iTunes, althought I never had the chance to wire it up the my statically generated web site. I also use LaunchAgents to back up my iTunes XML file. I have monthly backups since January 2006. Someday this will be an interesting data set to mine. However in macos Catalina, the new Music app does not always update a XML file of all your music. That is how my entire site (except for the shows) is generated. I have so much technical debt in this java code that I started in 2003. Not only that but it requires Java8, and Java11 is the latest. And back in 2003, XML was cool so it uses weird Java JAXB stuff for XML support. Ugh.

So I have put the code up on github. It's private for now, but I think it will be fun to open up and share what I do to make this site. #



Remember This? (6/19/2016)

Rose & I had a wonderful wedding. Four and a half months ago, we had our wonderful baby boy, Oscar. All that you see here digitally will one day be his.

See Facebook for more updates, unfortunately. It has been so long since there has been an update here. In fact, there were no updates for the year 2015. My program that generates the site assumed there would be at least one update every year. So I got to fix an unexpected bug in the program. #


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